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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knitting Survey

It took me about six tries to spell my name tonight, so bear with me. Please.

I had a new survey in the side bar this week. Five of you responded, which is a 20% increase in participation. I will try not to let it get to my head.

I am surprised to know that three of you knit. And pleased. And the one person who wants to knit--you are welcome to my home any time and I will teach you, provided you aren't a psychopath, in which case we'll meet elsewhere. I may even send you home with a mile of yarn since I have a few to spare. (27 last time I checked).

So I will keep putting surveys in the side bar. Sometimes they will be ridiculous. Sometimes thoughtful. Mostly I'm just curious.

What I Made

I'm surprised I didn't blog about this when I did it. It's a mural I painted in Yummy's room. The Pixar fans should recognize it from Cars. It's very simple and stylized, but people seem to know exactly what it is.
This is one of the things for which the Businessman wrote a business plan. I am very willing to be the operations end of any business he wants to persue, but I tell him repeatedly that I am not production.


  1. Cross-country is rather far to go for knitting lessons. :)

    I crochet, but I think knitting is so much prettier. There are groups around here I could join to learn...the only real impediment is my mindset that knitted stuff = cold weather clothing, our needs for which are limited. If we ever move back to a cooler climate, I will probably make the effort.

    The mural is adorable (though before you said it was Cars I thought it was Road Runner - probably only because I am more familiar with the latter).

  2. tried to vote in the knitting one, but unable. found your blog through google alert for knitting... and yes, I do


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