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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Spring break is almost over...

*controls desire to do happy dance*

Today the weather report predicted 75 degree weather so we did the obvious...

...and went snowshoeing.

And if you are ever in the situation where you have been on the trail for an amount of time that can be counted somewhere between seconds and minutes but your children are already whining because they are too tired/hungry/cold/hot/big/little to go any further you can do what I did.

Every time you touch a tree holding one of these:* get an m&m.

See how effectively it works:

That's Yummy and Vicious, who spent the first leg of the trail in a sled the Businessman had to drag. In this picture they are trekking as quickly as they can to the next blaze. We went about a mile like this (snowshoeing miles are very different from hiking miles).

And hello Miss Silly, I did think of you today. Did I win the lichen contest?

What I Made:

It was my mom's birthday, so the kids and I made cupcakes.

*We called them "Blazes" which may or may not be the correct term. The Park People put them on the trees to keep people from getting lost. In theory, you can always see the next one from the one you're at.

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  1. Yes, it is a lichen; you're the closest of my two blogs... But I'm having the park resource folks confirm the ID for me. It may be a few days.

    (This is why I should never put quizzes on my blog.)


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