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Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am Tough On Band Aid...

I have a callous on my finger from knitting. To be fair I have always had a small callous but I have been knitting socks, which use very thin needles of which my set happens to be rather sharp, and a cotton top on an old set of size 4s, cotton being a fiber with no give and this particular set of needles is sharp from years of being rubbed together. So, my callous has developed a small crack. It doesn't really hurt, unless I'm stabbing something in it repeatedly.

For you non-knitters, picture a paper-cut that you keep stabbing a pencil in, about 80 times a minute.

Yeah, sucky.

So I'm knitting with a band-aid on my finger. Much to the distress of Vicious who thinks band-aids are only for serious wounds, like bumping his head on the table (again).

What I Made

First I shall make it clear that just because I post it today, doesn't mean I made it today. I do have young children and a house full of toys, dust and men of various sizes and species.

I call this my newsboy hat. Whenever I see this style I'm reminded of a kid selling papers on a street corner. It's made from an embroidered corduroy I found on clearance (there are sequins in it too) and a Vogue sewing pattern (7619). I just noticed the pattern is out of print, which surprises me since I see this style of hat everywhere.

I'm not sure what's up with the mouth-breathing on Yummy. We'll just assume modeling isn't in his future. It's a hat for me and I think I look kind of cute in it--though the pics my boys took were contrary to that.

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