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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prologue or Payback Is A Bitch

I love my husband, the Businessman. He makes me laugh. He beats me a trivia sometimes. He's a great dad. He's taking me to Hawaii. Again.

He has a buddy. Another smart, funny, dad. Together they preserve the sanity of their respective wives by taking the children away from us for various lengths of time. They also have aspirations of escaping into the wilderness together and having scary adventures that make me glad he has life insurance.

They meet for coffee every Monday morning. It's become their Christian men's retreat of sorts. They share hopes, fears, dreams. They listen, help, pray. It's like MOPS for fathers, only there's only two of them and no children, speakers, or crafts...or estrogen (which is probably why there are no crafts).

The Businessman may have let it slip that this meeting is also the only opportunity they have to determine whose wife is crazier. I wasn't sure how to properly process this information. All I wanted to know is if I win the title more often. The answer? It's a dead heat.

So, as payback, over the next couple posts I will narrate a tale of two men. Two men who, on the same day yet totally independantly of each other, won the "Crazy Husband" contest. Hands down.

It's a dead heat.

What I Made:

I was concerned there might be an intervention if I made muffins again, which is silly really since I don't have a problem. So I made Cinnamon rolls.

They are wonderful. But I still like my recipe better (so sorry PW). After I get done with the 2376 cinnimon rolls this batch made, I'll dust off that old recipe and make it again. A back to back judgement is only fair, right?

Does anyone want any? Seriously. I have 2352 rolls worth of dough living in my refrigerator right now.

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  1. They look yummy! I'm headed off to find a *gasp* Trader Joe's today! I haven't been to a grocery store in 16 days... Going to find some yummy stuff and do some baking. I want bagels.


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