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Monday, March 23, 2009

Survey Results

Okay, so everyone has read Harry Potter, except the Businessman (who also won't read my blog...correlation?). I read the first four books out loud to him way back when we used to carpool. Then we stopped carpooling (because I would rather read outloud to our children) and he hasn't heard the last three books.

He tried reading them, but he claims I do the voices better (?!?). I also mispronounced Hermione's name for a good 1500 pages, but didn't we all?

So now I want to know...of the five Olympic rings, which one is your favorite? I told you some would be ridiculous.

What I Made:

It's always noteworthy to finish two socks that match. It makes them wearable (unless you are fortunate enough to know someone with one foot, which would be excellent for anyone who only likes to knit one sock). Alas, my children are both of the two footed variety.

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