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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break Plans

Tomorrow starts Spring break. I'm sure some of you feel it started when school got out on Friday, but Monday at 8:00AM is when it starts for me, because that is when I'll realize I have twice the number of mini-masters running around expecting me to serve their every need.

There will be high points: My In-laws are taking the kids tomorrow night and all day Tuesday. Also, I will be schlepping my brood to the mountains to visit my parents for a couple days. So my sanity should remain intact.
I will have all day Tuesday to knit my mother a sweater, for her birthday, on Thursday. No, I haven't started it yet. What was I saying about my sanity?

What I made
I needed to come up with something for a birthday present and whipped up this frothy little number. I am assured that while the little girl who received it loves it, her little brother is infatuated and wears it everywhere. As you can tell, the only model I had in my house was a lampshade.
This is another member of the Business Plan Club. If you want one, just invite me to the party.

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  1. Question—how would The Business Man feel about making a business plan for someone outside the household?

    Just wondering…


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