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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Not To Be A Trophy Wife

This week I have a plethora of inspiration chasing me down and tackling me. It causes me to have the attention span of granola and a complete lack of focus.

The point? I keep browsing my archives for What I Made because I can't work on any one project long enough to actually complete it. Which means I'll have a week where I will finish so many projects that I won't be able to post fast enough.

What I Made:

I had a wedding to go to and nothing to wear. Coincidentally, one of the fabric stores in the area was closing and had some great fabric deals.

This cotton/rayon blend was hiding out in the home decor section. I find lots of fabrics there that would make perfectly lovely clothing.

I used McCalls M5314 thinking it combined with the fabric would make a darling, contemporary June Cleaver type dress.

It did make a cute little dress. Can't you just picture the pearls? This pattern was surprisingly easy to assemble and took me about four hours plus the movie time I spent cutting the fabric.

Unfortunately, when I wear this dress it enhances the fact I have no waistline and I feel like an elephant; something I avoid when playing trophy-wife at a wedding. I can't wear it. If I ever find my waistline, the dress will be too big for me.

It's probably a 12-14-16 if you think you can pull it off. It's a wrap dress (like a couture bathrobe) so there's some flexibility in the sizing. Just make sure you have a waist.


  1. That is an adorable dress. The pearls would make it perfect. I'm so sorry to hear that it doesn't fit well! =( It's always so dissappointing when that happens...

  2. OMG that's SO CUTE! Great job!


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