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Friday, April 03, 2009

Tale of Two Boys Gone Awry--Part Two

The day of Yummy's birthday I was in his classroom doling out a fresh batch of cupcakes when the receptionist came into the room claiming there was a tornado watch. Ooh. Our knees trembled. We ran around the school screaming. We curled up in fetal positions under the tables. We sort of rolled our eyes and thanked the bearer of bad news. Tornados don't happen here.

Five minutes later she came around again and said it had changed to a warning and the school was in a lockdown. We needed to evacuate into the gym. Nothing sounds as enchanting as taking a bunch of (natural) sugar-laden preschoolers into a large room and forcing them to sit down and stay still. I grabbed a stack of books and some paper and proceeded to read stories and make origami (and remind the staff not to use the word "tornado") to entertain the troops until the weather cleared up. We still figured this was just a precaution because it was a school. Tornados don't happen here.

Then panic started to creep in. The phone was ringing off the hook. Parents were storming into the school to rescue their kids (why they thought being on the road rather than staying inside was the safer option still eludes me) and rumors started flying about the tornado.

Once the warning had been lifted back to a watch, I drove my kiddos home, called the Businessman, and spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies in our basement (after sending out an email telling everyone we were safe and not to call). The tornado had been three miles from our home.

Now for Buddy's wife's side of the story (my comments in italics)

After an F4 (they being Nebraskans know what this means) tornado hit two blocks from our house and power was lost, we decided it would be best to stay at my parents' house in Loveland. There was the possibility that another tornado may come through this way. My husband told me that I'd better get what mattered most to me and take it with us. I immediately went to get our wedding album, one of my most cherished things (of course you grab the iPod photographs! I would have to grab my hard drive and iPod but it's the same thing really). After a nice (steak) dinner with my parents that evening, I noticed that my husband was happily drinking what he refers to as an, "IPA", a.k.a India Pale Ale. As IPA's don't come in cans, I knew it was not in my dad's supply. I asked him what "valuables" he brought with from home. He pauses for a moment and tries to hide a smile. He seems to sense that he may be treading on dangerous ground, but takes the plunge anyway. "My IPAs", he responds. (Also, he saved some steaks.)


What I Made:

This was the cake for Yummy's birthday two years ago. It's the best (looking) cake I've made. As I'm not a professional, feel free to cut me a little slack and not put me into Cakewrecks.

Except the eyes (cat eyes for stuffed animals) the entire thing is edible. I even made the shell-shaped chocolates.

Also, I'll take this opportunity to remind you that I only mock these two men because I respect them and adore them. The last time they took the kids camping this happened. How can you not love them after that?


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    But you've got to grab the IPA! It's O'Dells! That's good stuff! Besides, it gives you something to do.

  2. Yes, but the steak?

    It's more a commentery on the sexes. Every man who hears this story feels sorry for the guy--because he got caught. Women have a harder time getting beyond the selfishness of the act.


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