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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Natural Women

I know I hung up that big old carrot yesterday. I know you want a real sweet, juicy story that will make you 100% happy with your current partnership arrangement. I will provide I promise. I asked the wife of The Businessman's buddy if she would like to contribute her side of the story (I'd hate to openly mock someone without the accurate details, wouldn't you?).

To tide you over...

I had good luck with college roommates. My first roommate, the one the campus chooses for you, shockingly got along great with me. Shocking because she entered every situation with the purpose of being the bitch. The worldly, sophisticated, bitch. I was dorky and naive and had no social skills (some things never change). We managed through all four years as great friends and we still keep in touch. She's still worldly, still sophisticated, but I don't think she will ever be able to pull off bitch to me. My other college roommate, whom I am also still in touch with but she doesn't read the blog (something about time commitments...), was one of my best friends. She was fun, adventurous, and wanted to experience life. The three of us were always together.

So, the above friends and I are watching TV and the following commercial comes on:

I laughed and said "I can so see that exact scenario happening to me!"

My second roommate looked up at me and said in all seriousness, "I can see that happening to you too." The other one almost spewed her drink out her nose.

Not "Me too!" Not "It could happen to anyone." Just stuck it right out there: You are the one who is just weird enough to dance around and then get caught.

Guess what? I am the one who gets caught. Doing random yoga positions, talking to myself, singing showtunes...I get caught. But I just gotta be me.

What I Made:

I learned to imbed a video clip.

Oh the doors that have opened now.


  1. Yeah, I really was a bitch back then. I'd like to think that I've grown up and dropped that routine by now, but it's hard to be objective about my own attitude.

  2. I just figured you had LA withrawal.


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