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Friday, April 10, 2009

Reusable Giftwrap Tutorial

Edited April 13, 2009: A winner has been chosen. Thank you for participating.
The Easter Bunny told me that he wanted to give the kids some movies, probably out of respect for my tendency to inhale all chocolate that tries to reside in the house. I let him know I would leave some reusable wrapping for him so he wouldn't have to use any paper.

Then I thought maybe you too might like to know how to make something similar.

First, you will need some fabric, some fusible web (Heat'n Bond was the brand I used) and a sewing machine if you want finished edges.

After several hours of fine and precise measurements using a protracter, compass, slide rule and graphpaper I concluded a good size (for movies and Wii games) is 12 inches (just kidding, I eyeballed it). Cut both fabrics and your fusible web(FW) accordingly (you'll have to figure out what size to use for cds, books, bicycles, etc.).

To use FW, first iron the web to one of your fabrics. Note the paper is on top. This is very important unless you like cleaning your iron (go ahead, ask me how I know). Repeat after me: Fabric right side down, then FW, glue side down.

Then peel off the paper (see the glue stuck to the fabric?).

Next, iron the second square of fabric to the glue. You might want to keep the paper on hand to avoid gumming up your iron (you'll notice I didn't do this).

Does anyone know how to clean an iron?

Next, finish your edges. This is where I show off Nina, my serger.

She's been whining about the lack of modeling gigs lately.

Add a button hole (note how lovely and crooked mine are).

I did a double buttonhole so I could tie this one with ribbon. The first one I made I sewed on a button. Don't tell the Businessman. He still thinks I don't know how to sew buttons.

Then you wrap and tie:

What I Made Am Making:

Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way!

How would you like one of these?*I have an extra. Leave a comment (with a way to contact you) telling me your hobbies.

Edited: the winner will be chosen at random on April 13th.

*Only U.S. readers please. One comment per person.


  1. Oooh. These are so cool. I love reusable things. Actually, I have to admit, I haven't bought wrapping paper in years — I either use old paper or re purpose neat looking brochures that I pick up.

    Any my hobbies: model building, gardening, painting/drawing/sketching, cooking and baking.


  2. Regina Darling8:39 PM

    Pick me Pick me! You are inspiring my inner craft used to do that in elementary school...i was always secretly envious of your prowess!! I have so many half started projects....a huge bin of random inspirations! Pick me!! (Regina used to be Williams!)

  3. Regina...again8:41 PM

    oops, forgot to tell you my hobbies...singing badly, dancing (also badly), chasing 2 little tornadoes, cooking and the occasional quilt!

  4. Oh! I think you should pick me because it's snowing again in my neck of the woods and I need a reminder that spring and Easter exist in other parts of the world! I could send you a care package from the Cascades in exchange, you know. ;)

    Seriously, the homemade eggs are too cute! I really wish I'd brought my sewing machine on this little excursion of mine. I want to make myself some of them. :) You and your projects really do inspire me.

    My hobbies? Well, knitting, baking, hunting for elusive orchids in the mountains, trying to get kids on snowshoes... Those are the predominant hobbies at the moment.

  5. Have you looked at how many ways there are to tie furoshiki? Then you can just hem or zigzag your cloth and skip all the fusing steps. But it is bulkier with fabric knots. (Here is a poster of different furoshiki techniques

  6. I love furoshiki! All the easter presents were wrapped with furoshiki this year. It's like the sarong of gift wrap.

    I did the fusible thing so I would have a reversable wrap. I thought it would be nice to have a Christmas side and a birthday side but then just went with fabric I liked.


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