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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pull Out Your Scrap Paper And Scissors

Hey folks! I found a cool little contest that some of you might want to enter. If I had found out about it sooner I might have given it a try. I still might.

Go here to SG2 Paper Crafting Challnge and give it a shot. What can it hurt right?

It looks like a blog after my own heart. They have regular contests that encourage the world to be creative. Love it!

What I Made:

This is not my entry--it has nothing to do with contrary gardeners.

This lion is made completely out of paper (and if I ever become profitable, I am getting a decent camera). My oldest son had a jungle room in our last house (I'll find pics of that eventually) and I whipped this guy up as a wall hanging. He now hangs by my kitchen.

This was one of those car-worthy items during the move as I didn't trust anyone else to treat it right.

In spite of all that, he doesn't have a name.

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