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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Amazing What A Brooch Can Do

Sometimes my projects just don't work. I don't mind terribly (unless I'm under a deadline) because failure is part of my the creative process. Besides, if I were perfect my intimidation level would rise and I have few enough friends as it is.

What I Made:

I had an idea in mind for yet another wedding (I'm at that age, Sorry.) and I had everything but the top. In my mind I just needed something simple. I found some fabric at Joanne's in exactly the right color (though synthetic) and used Butterick B4132.

A lovely cowl-necked top. It fits nicely and looks fine on me, but the cowl was battling too much with the jacket I wanted to wear. The jacket won, but I still have a nice little top for those two or three times a year I need to look more trophy wife and less mom.

I also learned this little trick from Carrie Bradshaw (Sex In The City for those of you who live under the same anti-cable rock I do--I Netflixed the series).

If you have a cute little pin of some kind:

You can change up the neckline and add a bit of interest. I'm usually not into asymmetrical apparel, but sometimes the cowl feels like too much fabric to just let it flop around. This tames it nicely.

I just grabbed a silk flower for this shot (my usual pin being in a future What I Made), but it looks so lovely on Violet she may not return it.


  1. Truely beautiful. Love it with the pin!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ooops, I mean "Truly." =D


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