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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I was trying to find something ridiculous to post on here and try to convince you guys that I had made it. I looked up popsicle stick art and discovered a goofy looking basket. I was going to use that until I discovered someone actually blogged about how to make a "neat candy dish" out of popsicle sticks and I couldn't stand the thought of mocking someone I don't know. That led to matchstick art and I found this video which I find just plain cool...

...and now I want to make a matchstick cube.

Matchstick Cube - The top video clips of the week are here

Then I read a friend's blog and she had posted this video. As a knitter I can truly appreciate the sheep. As a mother, I am in awe that they can be herded so effectively. Do sheep dogs herd children?

So, basically, you're off the hook. No pranks here!

I'm going to make a matchstick cube.


  1. The matchstick box is pretty cool! While the fire-conscious part of me says that's way too dangerous to have around the house, the perverse in me would like to light it on fire.

  2. lol. I second Kerrie's pyro instinct.

    That sheep video was hilarious, and I am burning up with curiosity to know if it is "real". I knew sheepdogs were good but I have trouble believing they are THAT good.

    And you are not alone. I get caught doing stuff like that, without fail.


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