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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Next Level

I have noticed a few things that separate good blogs from great blogs:
  • Consistent posting
  • Pictures
  • Giveaways (working on it)
  • Themes

I'm tinkering with my layout but the process is slow as I only know basic html tags and nothing about templates. I also want to persue what it is that makes people come to and stay on a blog. Ironically, the Businessman doesn't read blogs and has no suggestions on how to drive traffic to a blog.

What drives you to a blog? Do you read blogs of people you don't know? Do you comment? What makes a great blog?

Your insights are appreciated.

What I Made:

Is it really a shock?


  1. I think the popularity of blogs with giveaways and tutorials can really be combined as an overarching popularity of interactivity on a blog. People like blogs that engage them on more levels than "the story of a complete stranger's week"- blogs that give them things to try, things to say, things to hope for, things to think and care about.

    I don't think anyone I know personally actually craftblogs. There are three things that will keep me reading a craft blog: if the author's projects inspire me, if the author's writing inspires me, or if the author engages and interacts with me in such a way that I want to come back. So how do we, as craft bloggers, hit on one or all of those big elements?

    Another thought: as important as it is to have interesting, relevant content to keep readers, getting them in the first place is a whole different animal. I'll bet some of the best blogs in the world are largely undiscovered, because the so-called blogosphere is a massive place. Thus the question "how do you find blogs?" becomes just as important as "what do you like in a blog?" This is another part where giveaways and tutorials are good- my top way of finding blogs is through other blogs, and craft bloggers seem to like to link to tutorials and giveaways, when they know about them.

    Plus, I can submit my tutorials to the big aggregate craft blogs, like craftgossip or Craftzine, and get a ton of exposure that way. Which is awesome.

  2. For me, I come to find blogs in the "blogs of note," as well as through other people's websites. I wouldn't necessarily read another person's blog if all it contains is purely personal information.

    Personally, I don't care for the giveaways. It doesn't make me any more inclined to read/not read a blog. In fact my favorite blogs are usually those that are inspirational to me (in my case, illustrator's or artists blogs) and rarely have contests or giveaways. I also read blogs in which I can directly participate, i.e. Monday Artday and Illustration Friday.

    Also, if you like, I'd be more than happy to create an illustrated header for you.

  3. Anonymous12:03 AM

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