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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

10 Ways To Find Time Throughout The Day

Do you really want to learn how to create? Well, I am willing to try and teach you.

Random knitting pics inserted for your enjoyment.

The most frequent comment I receive regarding my creations (besides "You could sell that!" and "Is this why your family looks feral?") is "I'd love to do that, but I don't have the time."

Well, in fact, you do have the time. You just haven't prioritized. Here are some ideas to carve out some time for yourself. Not all of them will work for you, but we're just trying to find extra minutes here and there for now.

  1. How much recreational screen time--TV, computer, digital coffeemaker)--do you use? Can you multitask? Would you rather use that time more productively?
  2. How much time do you spend in line? Can you multitask here? Could you do something here (ie write out your weekly menu or grocery list) to save time elsewhere?
  3. How about waiting to pick someone up, or hanging around at kid's sports practice?
  4. Do your kids know how to play together? How about alone? I have it on good authority (a certified OT) that teaching your children to play alone and learn to find their own fun is invaluable for many aspects of their future. Just don't go overboard--they do need you to teach them other skills.
  5. Are there any chores you can delegate to your kids? My 3yo can make his own bed, pick up books and toys, clear the table and he loves to mop! My 5yo does the above (not quite as enchanted with the mop) plus he puts away his laundry, sweeps, sets the table, empties some of the dishwasher, puts away groceries, and scrubs the toilet. Next year he's doing my taxes.
  6. Do you have a pad of paper in the kitchen where you can write down the things you use up as you use them up? Going to the grocery store several times a week wastes time (and gas).
  7. Are you willing to wake up earlier? Go to bed later? Ten minutes a day is over an hour a week.
  8. Make a large amount of dinner and immediately stash some away for a future meal.
  9. Do you need to do your chores as often as you do? What if you put off vacuuming just one day?
  10. How much time do you spend making yourself look perfect for your children and the solicitors and the grocery store clerk?

Most of these take some work to implement-especially with the kids. And although I wish the house were self cleaning I still haven't figured out how to do it with mindpower. But I don't just sit down and knit a sweater (unless the Olympics are on). I knit a few rows here, a few stitches there. Maybe I'll crank out a big chunk during Thursday night TV (unless there's alcohol; then I knit a big chunk but have to rip it out the next morning. Not pretty.). Most of those socks are knit while I wait to pick Yummy up at school.

What I Made:

Pic 1: Socks made from scraps of sockyarn.

Pic 2: My winter coat.

Pic 3: A cute little lace number I made for a new baby (I gave it away a year ago, don't get any ideas).

Pic 4: A sock for me--never finished it.

Pic 5: One of my current projects. My camera finally behaved and acknowledged the beautiful cable.


  1. You spent your time well! What absolutely lovely knitting

  2. This is not a joke but IN YOUR SPARE TIME....Ha HA - your local hospital might have a serious need for hats and booties in their preemie ward for the little ones - my niece just gave birth to twin boys - 3 lbs. each and our hospital needs them all the time. Your work is stunning..Jennifer jennsthreegraces@blogspot


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