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Monday, April 27, 2009

New Look

Do you like my new header?

A friend of mine designed it and captured my personality beautifully. Even the Businessman is impressed by how perfectly it worked out.

Kerrie Robertson Illustration is my personal illustrator. Check out her blog and website.

I can't wait to bug her for more graphics. Hee.

What I Made:

I actually had to fiddle with the Xhtml for this blog. Kerrie would have gladly adjusted the image for me but it's something I need to learn anyway. My brain is now so fried I'll be surprised if I'm able to make toast.


  1. Beautiful. Looks great! =D

  2. Very appropriate for you. I like it!

  3. That looks awesome. I wish I knew how to personalize my page.

  4. I've got the art...I just don't know how to do the coding. I can't even figure out why my blog template doesn't have a place for entry titles!


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