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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tale of Two Boys Gone Awry--Part One

Last May, my oldest son was getting very excited for his fifth birthday. He was no longer going to be a child anymore. We were thick in the details of planning his Star Wars party and every day he was adding more excitement to the event.

There was one small problem. No way, no how, never was I going to invite all fourteen of his classmates to the party. As you may know, it's never fourteen. It's fourteen kids, with their siblings, and parents, and someone who wonders if it's okay to bring their three closest friends who happen to be in town that weekend (that was was me actually, for a different birthday party, but it all worked out).

So I consulted with the Pre-K teacher and we decided it would be okay for me to bring in cupcakes. Since my child was one of the few half-dayers, I promised to find a recipe that wouldn't cause a three hour cacaphony for the teachers that afternoon.

I was excited for this challenge and prattled to the Businessman about it for at least two weeks. I told him I had found the perfect carrot cake recipe that would actually introduce nutrition into these children and I would use mini muffin tins and there was nothing about this idea that the teachers could find fault with. I was just dreaming about all the Mom-of-the-Year votes that would come my way because of these cupcakes.

So the day before Yummy's birthday I made them. The recipe made 6-8 normal sized cupcakes and I got 15 of the cutest little minis you have ever seen. I made a creamcheese frosting and piped an adorable little swirl on each one. I was going to be the Best Mother Ever with these.

Before I continue I will tell you about a rule in our house. When I go on baking rampages, the Businessman is allowed to take the remainder of the goodies to work the next day--it keeps me from eating dozens of chocolate cookies, eclairs, and ciabatta and it gives me office points in my effort to be Supermom--and those office points are important!

So the morning of the "school party" I meander downstairs to discover every single one of my cupcakes is missing.


Then I remember our house rule and realize the Businessman must have taken them to work. But, as it is still early, I can just call him before the rest of the office can get to them.

B: Hello?
MM: Hey, did you take the cupcakes to work?
B: You mean the muffins?...*pause ....Oh! Where those the ones for the party?
MM: Yeah. No problem. I'll just run over and pick them up when I take him to school.


B: I ate them.
MM: What?
B: I ate them. They were so good, and so little. I mean it took about eight of them to equal one muffin...
MM: Cupcake
B:...whatever. And usually my breakfast is one of those large sized muffins and I ate all of them.
MM: You realize that was the equivalent of eight normal cupcakes...
B: muffins
MM:...whatever. And four of the size you usually eat.
B: They were so good!
MM: Not to mention the brick of cream cheese.
B: Do you want me to buy some at the grocery store?


He ate all of them. I didn't know which shocked me more; the calorie consumption, the idea that store bought cupcakes would make me mom-of-the-year, or the fact that he hadn't listened to a word I had said over the previous three weeks.

I made a new batch, sans frosting, and the kids never noticed. But I have never really gotten over the fact that my husband, the best dad in the world, ate his child's birthday cupcakes.

I intended to spread this saga far and wide (even then I realized this would be a funny someday) but his buddy, later that day, topped it.

And how do you top that?

Stay tuned...

What I Made:

This was the cake I made for that Star Wars Themed birthday party. Except for the candles and guns (lollipop sticks), it was all edible.

Next time, I will buy an X-Wing Fighter, rather than make one out of gum paste.


  1. Ohmigosh, I would kill my husband. Seriously. But at least you got the vote of approval.

    That's an awesome cake. All my cake-decorating efforts have been dismal failures. I should take a class.

    BTW, one of my favorite websites for vegan recipes is http://www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html

    They're like, ultra, nazi-vegan, but the food is good. I've made the fruitcake and it is to die for.

  2. You crack me up!!! I baked Christmas cookies for weeks and stored them in tins - not an inexpensive project or done in a blink of an eye. When I happily began to place the cookies in the indiviual gift tins... hmmm 'this one feels light' EMPTY! WHAT! Next one empty - all emmmmpppptttyyy! Well, it seems my blonde haired 10 year old son decided he could make a few extra bucks selling cookies to his classmates and brought them to school( I made $20 dollars Mom!"! I almost cried, beat him (not really)- by the way - he's doing very well as an adult now - been on his own since he was 18 - he bakes his own cookies too. Mommmy/Jennifer


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