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Friday, April 24, 2009

Rockin' Robin

I joined Twitter.

Was it the fact that I have heard Twitter mentioned about 5759 times in the past week? Was it registering my domain and wanting to have the Twitter name as well? Was it because my blog buddy also joined Twitter?

I think it's because Twitter is a devious scheme created by some underground network somewhere with no apparent intent to make money but an obvious desire to suck our lives away one bird chirp at a time.

Brilliant. Then again, I'm reading the Twilight series so I'm a little more in tune with such things.

For now, I intend to use my tweets for the shmaltzy kid quotes, random rants, and other TMI so I can focus the blog on my creativity. We'll see how long that delusion lasts.

What I Made:

I've been thouroughly absorbed in a book and I need to upload some pics so let's see what's in the archives.

*rustles through some dusty files*

Ah. Here we go.

I wish I had had an opportunity to wear this one last winter. It's from VK winter 2003 and knit up in Plymouth Boku. All the ravelry details here. Trying to get the colors to mirror each other was the biggest challenge. The bind-off around the edge is too tight--I should fix that--bit since it's about 145 degrees outside I really don't want to look at wool.

Violet is having layering issues. I should discuss this with her.


  1. Oh, I like this one a lot. It would look really cute with a slim belt too.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. Well done!


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