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Monday, April 06, 2009

So Eggs-cited!

I was clicking all over the internets earlier and I came upon this site. I have no idea how I got there; it just happened. I was so mesmerized--Yes! I want an alternative to the crappy plastic eggs. Yes! I have scraps of fabric. Yes! I want to become your stalker. Well...maybe not that last one...maybe.

What I Made:

If these aren't the cutest little fabric eggs (stuffed with candy) you have ever seen, then you need to come over and see them in person. I can't stop taking pictures.

I really should wait for morning and natural light but I wanted to share these with the world.

Thank you One Inch World for giving me something to do this evening besides workout read a book talk to my husband clean the kitchen.


  1. Those are adorable indeed. I'd love to see them in cute prints as well as solids, or dress them up with trims.

  2. Thanks so much, I'm so thrilled someone actually took the time to make them! Now you can critique my tutorial for me. :-)


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