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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Still A Vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian for a year, for environmental reasons and thank you Yarn Harlot for that link. But I'm a hypocrite. I love raw fish. Sushi and lox. I cannot resist them. Which makes my whole environmental argument fly out the window living in a land-locked state and all. But it's so good.

First PW tortured me with images of Nova Salmon. Then I was reading a friend's personal blog and out of curiosity I clicked a blog link on her site, where thay made bagels from this site.

Of course, despite my clicking finger being exhausted (and possibly having everyone with personal blogs block me from reading their culinary escapades), I thought "I can do that."

What I Made:

And I did.

Breakfast of champions here.

I don't want to know how far this traveled, or how it got so orange. It fulfilled a primal urge--eating raw fish, freakishly overgrown capers, and hot coffee while my cereal consuming family stared at me in concern.

Perhaps I'm reading too much Twilight.


  1. You know … I cook a lot. And I try some pretty unique recipes too. But I had no idea what in the world a caper was until about 2 months ago. A cured flower bud? That was news to me. And yes … those are the Hulks of capers.

    I am not vegetarian, but I stopped eating beef for a similar reason. Been beef and red meat free for about 8 years now. Now, if I could only convince my HOA that I can have chickens (for the eggs) that would be just about perfect.

  2. I'm a pescetarian - because I couldn't give up sushi. :-D


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