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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anecdotes From The Dunes

Yes, we did hit the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We saw the river surges I had heard about (everyone calls them tidal waves, but that is a misnomer). I wore my new top in public. The temp never got higher than 75 degrees. I met another knitter.

Life is good.

What I Made:


The Businessman spotted and pointed out 479 interesting things. Vicious saw 3 of them. And hates his 5-point harness.

We stopped at Costco for a quick lunch. The only vegetarian option was pizza. I didn't want pizza so I had a berry sundae. When my sugar-high crashed, I was so hungry I almost ate my fighting children. They're lucky I'm vegetarian these days.

Yummy read 85 pages of his chapter book. Then he chattered for two very long hours about some lego crystal sweeper toy.

I realized my favorite swimsuit has been worn very thin from tiny hands clutching at it over the years. I had to retire it.

Starbucks sells oatmeal. This is important if you ate enough sugar the previous day to induce a hangover (on second thought, maybe it was from the margarita).

When Vish saw the expanse of ankle deep, warm water he took all his clothes off and ran halfway across before we could say "SPF 50." Ah, innocence.

Yummy is a Junior Ranger. He memorized all the park rules and played ranger bingo like a champ. After six hours of driving, he informed us that he saw a rabbit and that gave him another bingo and we should go back to the park so he can get another badge. It was 9:00 PM on Sunday. We were in our driveway.

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