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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Look Into My Pantry

I'm subscribed to 61 blogs, so forgive me for forgetting which one of you cleaned your pantry, and thus inspired me to do the same. I usually clean it out twice a year, but I think I skipped my fall cleaning so I was overdue.

Secretly, I love looking in people's pantries. It tells me so much more than the medicine cabinet. I'm hoping you're the same.


The pictures don't look that much different, but there are some key features I want to point out:
  • The kids can now reach their cereal
  • I now know I have 14 different flours, 8 different seaweeds, 15 pounds of pasta (not nearly enough), 5 different salts, 6 different nut butters (of which the Businessman only eats Jif) and 6 different kinds of vanilla. Too many beans and grains to count.
  • TBM and I are tall, so we can easily access the top shelves of all our closets and cabinets. This is one area where I'm glad genetics didn't fail me. All my weird flours, liquor, and rarely used appliances live there now.
  • The black things that looked like mouse poop on the third shelf turned out to be black rice--phew. The black things on the floor that looked like black rice--not so much. There is now nothing edible or mouse chewable on the floor or bottom shelf (there never was anything edible on the floor, but now I can sweep it easily).

That was What I Made today. Sorry the post is a little blah, but I feel a little blah today.

What does my pantry say about me? Besides the fact I could feed a small country (or two teenagers) for a day.

1 comment:

  1. That you leave your cleaning supplies on the floor in your hurry to take a picture.

    I have pantry envy. Whoever designed mine needs to be shot. It's about 18 inches wide and about 26 inches DEEP, with solid shelving that cannot be adjusted or seen through. Needless to say the stuff in the back has not seen the light of day since it was purchased.

    I see someone else has learned to love those ubiquitous plastic bins. I have them all over my house.


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