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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Desert Garden

Summer is making an effort to appear in these parts. For the first time in several years, I have been drawn to the plant nursuries. I don't know why I lost my gardening mojo. Probably the babies. And the snakes. And the worms. But it's back and while I wait for the Businessman to build the retaining walls that will comprise my vegetable patches, I decided to fill some planters.

What I Made:

Many years ago, Martha Stewart had a succulent wreath in her magazine. My mom and I decided to recreate it. We did a decent job too, considering there were only about five succulents available in our area, three of them being hens and chicks.

Anyway, a local nursury had a huge selection of succulents (they do well here being practically a desert), and I was reminded of the wreath. Then I saw some displays in the cactus area and thought "I can make that for less then $60.00."

And I did.

I do want to try the succulent wreath again.

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  1. You know … even though I live in the desert, and I totally know how to spell desert, when I first saw this post I read it as Mini Dessert garden and thought "Sweet, what's that?"


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