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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why I Use Cutesy Nicknames

A recent question posted on a blog asked 'What is your biggest pet peeve about other blogs?'

There were a few obvious answers: Music atomatically playing (ugh!), too much advertising, light text on a dark background, etc.

But one popped-up that I am guilty of: Cutesy names for family members. Several blogs I read hide identities with nicknames. And that's exactly why I use nicknames--to protect the identity of my family. I'm not deluded into thinking you couldn't track me if you really tried, but my kids are still young and my job is to protect them.

Not wanting to be guilty of smarming potential readers away from my blog, I discussed this with the Busi...er...my husband. He sort of grimaced and stammered and I started to get worried.

"I like my nickname."

So the family wins. At least until the boys are teenagers and hope I never acknowledge them in public, much less online.

And for those of you who do have 'grandma blogs'--blogs intended to keep extended family in the know about first words and first steps--you really need to consider making your blog 'invite only'--especially if you have birth announcements with full names and dates.

What I Made:

Coming later today: A boo-boo bunny tutorial.

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  1. This seems like good advice—there are a lot of whack-jobs out there. Putting your child's name all over the internet seems about as smart as putting it in big bold letters on his/her backpack. Did we not all see those reels in school? Or was that just in CO?


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