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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Genes are funny. I've inherited all sorts of great stuff from my mom.
  • Inability to grow my fingernails past the tips of my fingers.
  • Completely random fainting spells.
  • A debilitating fear of snakes.
  • Big feet
  • A mindset that lets me know I can make just about anything I want.

My mother is the main reason I create. While I have bested her in power tools and knitting, she still holds the titles in sewing, cake decorating, and overall brainstorming. I have never heard her say "I wish I could make something like that..."

Thanks mom, for supporting the yarn/fabric/craft store industry until I was old enough to take over...and for always telling me "We could make that." I love you.

I know you won't mind the picture since you stopped aging about 20 years ago.

I'm sure I'll inherit that too.

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