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Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Wedding Corsetry

Okay. It's driving me crazy. My camera is in another state and my archives are dwindling. But I'll suck it up and find something to entertain you in the meantime.

What I Made:

I may have mentioned my corset feti$h previously. I just love them and my waistline can only be improved by cinching it in.

Click pic for Ravelry link

I made this for a friend's wedding last Fall. I used a technique called Tunisian Crochet, which is sort of a crochet/knitting hybrid. It makes a sturdy fabric (which you need for a corset) but still has some stretch (which you need to breathe properly).

This yarn (Blue Heron Rayon Metallic) color is called "Aubergine" but you have to use willpower, bright sunlight and beer before you can see the deep purple I was aiming for. Ordering online does have drawbacks. Regardless, it's still one of my favorite yarns and it's the second time I've used it for a project.

I wore this with brown slacks and a brown tuxedo shirt, which gave it the effect of a sexy cummerbund. I also spent ten minutes lacing the ribbons perfectly then, which I failed to do for this photo shoot. It was one of my more successful Trophy Wife outfits.

Laced Corset by Jennifer Hansen, VK Holiday 2004

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  1. I think I recognize this! You looked amazing! Three people came to me after the wedding and asked about your outfit; I was only too happy to brag that you MADE it. They were stunned.


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