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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr Biology Teacher

I was thinking about my favorite teachers and my HS bio teacher comes to mind. He was challenging and it brought out the best in me. Even though I always got A's from this decidedly 'hard' teacher, it always seemed most of his classes were spent on tangents far distant from the topic we were supposedly studying.

I learned a lot from him.

One day, we were probably studying the Krebs cycle, its similarities to photosynthesis and how both pertain to microorganisms. Being the advanced class we were, the discussion took a natural turn to...breasts.

"What is the perfect breast size?" Mr. Bio asked the class.*

"A handful?"
"A C-cup?"
"In France, they say it's enough to fill a champagne glass."

This was the point at which the teacher realized he had completely lost control. He turned beet red and probably prayed we were the sort of teenagers that didn't talk to our parents.

All of us, every single one, had pictured this sort of champagne glass:

It wasn't until the next day that someone suggested maybe it was this sort of glass:

We also learned some valuable wisdom from his mother-in-law. She felt you only needed a bra when you could stick a pencil under your breast and it stayed there.**

*I'm pretty sure his point was going to be "whatever you have is perfect."
**My pencil, and any hopes for dating the cute albeit shallow guys, fell with a clatter to the floor that evening.

What I Made:

A pencil holder!


I knit this last summer with a yarn that I still don't know why I bought. I don't even remember what pattern I used. It was a stash buster.

These days, I do need a bra. A racerback one at that.


  1. Oh, man. I remember that lecture. While I too enjoyed Mr. Bio's class, I always thought he was just a bit leacherous...

  2. Holly5:02 PM

    I remember this lecture as well and agree with the "leacherous" description. I loved his class but never wanted to be alone in a room with him.
    But thanks for the memory... I remember wondering who had breasts the shape of the first glasses. Too funny.

  3. I guess you've been reading my blog!


  4. oops, i forgot a slash. :)


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