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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady But First...Yarn P0rn

I spend a lot of time being grateful I got married. If it hadn't been for the Businessman, I would still be living in an apartment somewhere, single, surrounded by dozens of stray cats I had adopted. I am resoundingly a cat person.

I'm sure the Businessman is grateful I came into his life too.

I find other people's cat stories akin to children's first word stories. They are no doubt endearing to the people directly involved, but are rather ridiculous to the rest of us. On that note, I'm changing it up and starting with

What I Made:

and follow with the cute kitty story so you can stop reading before you gag. I'm thoughtful that way.

It's not terribly creative, but I made a ridiculous impulse purchase. Look what I found:

It's sock yarn. Limited edition. Hard to find. The knitters among you will see the potential immediately. Non knitters, here's your clue: The color is called 1776.

Enough with the yarn p0rn. Here's my cat:

I just realized this pic is also a glimpse into my life: Threads magazine? Check. Overly large knitting basket? Check. Nail polish? WTF?

Can you tell where under the deck the bird's nest is? There is no way he can reach it so I'm letting him have a little torture fun. I was worried his smell would scare away the birds, but then I noticed the nest is nothing less than a well-structured hairball. I should know, I've been cleaning up the feline-manufactured kind all month.


  1. I LOVE that your cat has a batman collar. Too cool!

  2. Love the way your sense of humor shines through in your postings! I sure miss the Rocky Mt area and the Ft. Collins yarn stores. And Showers of Flowers in Denver! And cat stories are fine! Your kitty baby is a cutie.

  3. Hi, stopping over from SITS. Great post.

  4. Like the collar!
    To the Cat Mobile!!!!

  5. You got your yarn!!! ;) Yay you!


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