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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monster Truck Birthday Party

3rd, 4th and 5th birthday, respectively.

I may be suseptable to orchestrating very elaborate parties. It's possible I've gone overboard a little.

Well, not this year. This year we decided to rent out a picnic shelter in a children's garden (the theme was 'monster trucks' but I extended it to 'dirt') and let them do most of the work (and me less of the cleaning, shopping, and crying).

I even went slipshod on the cake. Awesome. Mom of the Year contender, right here!

Some people use a new truck. Not I. I took our four year old toy and gave it a thorough scrubbin'. Then I found a pan that fit perfectly (even if you use a new truck, I would use a pan. Toys these days Ugh!). You can search and find a million recipes for Dirt. Basically it's chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and pulverized oreos. Don't forget the worms, flowers, bulldozers or mud wrestling Barbie dolls (can't wait to be part of that Google search).

The Businessman found a simple game to play, in case we had a little extra time on our hands, and I gave Hotwheels Monster Trucks as favors. The garden volunteers provided a tour and the kids potted a plant to take home.

Trust me, the fancier you get, the more the party is about you and less about the Birthday Boy.

What I Made:

A list for anonymous who wanted some more ideas:

If I had limitless time, money, and 6yo attention spans:
  • There's a local speedway here and tickets are dirt cheap (pun intended)
  • Have families go to a Drive-In--make sure some of them bring pick-ups to toss the kids in.
  • Tie dye wifebeater shirts (that idea's courtesy of the Businessman. Sorry.)
  • Give kids shovels or bulldozer toys and have them dig around in a sandbox or empty garden bed for treasures.
  • Have the kids plant your garden!
  • Create a child sized monster truck obstacle course--don't forget the sprinklers!
  • Have the kids create a toy-sized monster truck course--this keeps boys busy forever!
  • A Monster Truck Rally mullet/costume contest (courtesy of TBM)

Remember: Boys+Dirt+Water=Happy, Muddy Boys


  1. So true. Mine was in the dirt before he was a year old. He would leave rings around the tub. I thought it was a conditioned thing but now I'm convinced there's a gene for it on the Y chromosome.

  2. Regina10:59 AM

    awesome! we are big monster truck fans in this house too...actually is how william learned his numbers (he would run a monster truck jam and I would be scorekeeper on a magnadoodle!) ha!! he would love this "cake" long as there is frosting!!

  3. What a great idea! I started out elaborate and scaled back and am starting to get elaborate again with the birthdays. But I must say, you have some mad cake skills woman!


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