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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hats Off For Oatmeal!

I'm friends with a wonderful person in my SnB. She's a generation removed from me which means she can give me all sorts of solicited advice. She's a knitter, so we always have something to talk about. She also cooks and sews, which means I have a bit more in common with her than some other friends in the SnB.

She gave me a piece of parenting wisdom so profound I feel the need to pass it on. With love; from her, to me, to you.

Put ice cream on your oatmeal.

*Gasp* What? How could you? That's horrible!

Relax! Think about it. What traditionally goes into oatmeal? Cream? Sugar? I pride myself on making oatmeal so toothsome with brown sugar, raisiny goodness, my kiddos ask for it on cold mornings. But sometimes I forget to soak those steel-cut oats overnight and the rolled oats--though quicker--aren't as tasty.

Until you add ice cream. Kids will eat it so fast (probably in fear that you'll come to your senses) you'll almost hear their future cholesterol levels drop.*

What I Made:

This cute hat. Vogue sewing pattern (7619).

I wore this hat all winter. The fabric is embroidered suede cloth. I lined it with some leftover satin brocade. The pin is something my mom found years ago and felt I should have since I'm living in CSU Ram country these days.

The hair is windblown. Yeah, that's it...windblown.

*I know ice cream has cholesterol. My kids also eat kale, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. So there.

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  1. Regina10:57 AM

    teehee...i got the same advice once...works with frozen yogurt too! (as long as you call it ice cream)...of course I can get my kids to eat asparagus soup...also known as "snail slime"!


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