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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BBQ Pizza

Last year about this time, my father in law announced that he was going to hook his propane grill up to his natural gas line. Knowing this man was the key role model of the Businessman, and therefore the font of all home improvement knowledge TBM has, I got worried. Very worried.

"Did you get the adapter?"
"Nope, don't need one!"
"Uh, yes you do."
"Nope, I don't!"
"Is your will up to date?"
"I can just hook it right up."
"There is a difference between the propane your grill usually uses and the natural gas your home uses."

Luckily, I managed thwart his attempt at becoming a gas explosion.

This year, we inherited his old grill (this was not my motive all along), and he is getting the UberFlamethrower 6000X, which is configured to use the natural gas line. Our 'new' grill is any self respecting American Family's dream, but I'm a vegetarian and am really fond of my little round grill. It's the perfect size for my paella pan and for pizza.

What I Made:

Barbecued Pizza

I don't have a recipe for my pizza dough--I sort of wing it and go by the feel--but any pizza dough recipe will work. This dough was half bread flour/half white whole wheat flour (white whole wheat flour is my favorite all purpose flour these days, but you need the gluten in the bread flour). Add a slurp of olive oil, salt and water with your yeast dissolved in it. I let my KitchenAid knead it about 10 minutes.

Or you could go the the grocery store and get their lumps of pizza dough. I've done it and it's great.

When it has risen, punch it down and divide it. A large handful of dough will make the size crust you see here. Let it rest a little (optional) and roll it out or toss it. Smack that puppy on the hot grill and let it firm and puff up a little (about 10-30 seconds)

My grill works best at low because it has these tongues of flame that will reach out and burn the crust to charcoal. If you don't have lingua el fuego go ahead and raise the heat.

When the crust has set, flip it over and add your ingredients. This one is fairly traditional pepperoni. It's for my kids and the Businessman. I make meat for them on occasion in order to get that feral look out of their eyes.

Put the cover on and let it cook away until the top is done to your satisfaction. If this is your first pizza, you might want to stick with olive oil/herbs as a topping (AKA Fococcia) until you get the timing right. No one eats pizza that looks awesome if the bottom is black beyond recognition.

I made my pizza with sauteed mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh mozzarella and salt. Then we ate it and I forgot to take a picture.

But there will be more this summer. There always is.

And because I'm ornery like that, I inaugurated the new grill with...

...A veggie burger. I'm sure the ole FIL will be pleased.


  1. Oh my gosh that looks deelishus. Definitely need to give this a whirl soon! What made you think of putting it on the BBQ in the first place? You must be one of those genius chef mama's. I'm so not. ;(

  2. Oh wow! This looks so good. I'll definitely have to try it out. I too love my old charcoal grill that we got as a wedding present so long ago.

  3. OK, because I stalk your blog & enjoy it I am giving you a blogger award - come get it at my place!


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