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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mug Shot

Look at what I got for Mother's day:

A mug with my new logo, and assurance that it was a bottomless pit of caffeine for the day.

Perfect! They love me and they enjoy watching me shake like a chihuahua!

What I Made:

Since my oldest kiddo got to go to Moab last week, I spent the time making sure my youngest never had the chance to feel left out. Even if that meant making an amigurumi tortoise he saw while I was clicking around on Ravelry.

Click pic for Ravelry Link

I've never felt drawn to the amigurumi craze. I've always thought the stuff was cute, but I don't have much desire to surround myself with tiny, crocheted, stuffed animals. However, Vish is happy and it uses up scraps of yarn (I'm down to less than 26 miles of yarn now).

Plus, it must be entertaining to watch my jittery hands wrangle a crochet hook.


  1. Wow, the mug looks great. And I love the turtle.

    I guess I would be one of the one with the animals all around. I still have stuffed animals and of course … my happy face puppet.

  2. Your mug rawks & so does the turtle. Hmm, I want me a mug


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