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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I made an impulse purchase this morning. Actually, I found out about the sale yesterday, for an item I saw a month ago, that I never knew was for sale. I slept on the idea of depleting my PayPal account and woke up this morning hoping no one else had the same idea.

His name is Squish.

A few months ago, a reader became a steady commenter and I started reading her blog and we exchanged comments back and forth. She makes lots of gorgeous jewelry, which I have all sorts of places to wear--like the gas station, gym, and hardware store.

Corvus announced a sale this week at her store and I, for all my talent in the math department, never equated that the beauties she was blogging about were making their way to her Etsy Store.

The woman is living my dream and I didn't even notice.

Anyhow, I bought Squish and when she saw I was buying him, she offered to ride her bike to my house to hand deliver.

She lives about four states away.


Now I have a face to the name and you are all free to browse her Etsy Site and buy her other stuff so she can get a new camera, pay for college, and become successful.

Please buy the X-Wing Fighter. My PayPal can't take anymore.

What I Made:

This is Penelope, the first of several spider pins I've made. I thought she was cute for a first attempt but--though they are not up to retail standards--the younger spiders are prettier, have longer legs and better craftsmanship.

I hear you, Penelope, I hear you.


  1. Too funny! I have the opportunity to wear jewelry to all those same places! Only I get to go to the post office too *wink*

  2. Thank you for the plug! It was great meeting you and putting a face with the name, and I meant the offer on the polymer clay- if you ever want to give it a try, I can spare a bit of ye olde stash.


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